Who we Are

We use bikes to tackle environmental, social & economic challenges in Dublin

Rothar consists almost entirely of volunteers. We have had a huge amount of volunteers that make everything happen. In fact every single member of staff listed below were volunteers at one point in the past or another!

Anne Bedos
Anne is founder and director. Answers to Ms. Rothar, more often referred to as the Glorious Leader.  Talk to Anne about cycling promotion, bicycle recycling, cycling training. You can contact her on anne@rothar.ie or (01) 6772233. 

Stephen Jenkins 
Stephen is co director of Rothar and Operations manager. He also runs the show in Dun Laoghaire. Serious type but always ready to help and crack a joke. He can be contacted at (01) 2140646 or stephen@rothar.ie for any questions about bikes, bike donations, repairs and all sorts of more original queries.

Mark Dunn
Mark Dunn is the volunteer coordinator and one of the faces of Fade street shop. Very knowledgeable, always calm, makes a deadly flat white as he does advice another customer on which type of tyre they need. Multitasking at its best!

David O'Reilly
Dave runs the workshop in Fade St, he’s an affable sort, Dave AKA the guy downstairs.
Talk to Dave about the shop, repairs, bike parts, donations etc. You can contact him on (01) 6772233 or walk into the shop on Fade St, he should be downstairs.


  • We believe bicycles are the medium for a sustainable, healthy and active community, in Ireland and elsewhere
  • We believe bicycle users and pedestrians should be the priority in our cities liveable, quiet streets and cleaner air is a human right
  • We believe reuse of unwanted materials is indispensable to relieve the pressure on our natural resources
  • We believe that people are entitled to lifelong learning and training, regardless of their background, origin, education and personal history
  • We believe in an inclusive work environment and will never accept any discrimination of any kind
  • We value volunteering and the vital role it plays in the organisation and in the greater society
  • We believe in a flat decision making process within the organisation where people will be heard and respected when they speak
  • We believe wealth should be redistributed and we are governed by documents and principles that will ensure no indecent difference between lowest paid and highest paid will occur
  • We believe everybody should be treated with respect: staff, customers, volunteers etc and no disrespectful attitude or words will be tolerated
  • We believe in fair pricing, both for our customers and for the organisation to be sustainable.

The criteria that define us as a social enterprise

  • We have a social and an environmental objective: Rothar recycles unwanted bicycles and provide training and employment opportunities to priority groups
  • We are a trading business aspiring to financial independence. This marks the boundary between a social enterprise and a voluntary organisation depending on grants.
  • We have an “asset lock” on both trading surplus and residual assets. Rothar has a profit sharing model that will distribute bonuses equally among staff but will not distribute more than 35% of profit in dividends we redistribute our surplus to our social and environmental mission. In addition, on dissolution of the business, all residual assets will go to social / environmental purposes. This marks the boundary between a social enterprise and the private sector.
  • We are driven by values, both in our mission and business practices. We operate in a fierce, competitive market but we will always driven by ethics and will offer our people satisfactory wages, terms and conditions. We adopt a voluntary maximum ratio between lowest and highest paid of 1:5, investing a culture of equality

Our Mission

Rothar is a community bike shop which takes donations of unwanted bikes, sells revamped bikes and provides bike repairs. Through these sustainable business activities, we generate resources to reinvest in:

  • Creating jobs and employment opportunities
  • Promoting a cycling culture
  • Donating revamped bikes to schools and vulnerable groups
  • Contributing to meeting waste reduction targets

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