People's poncho - yellow

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Great for biking!

the poncho and was able to test it in some heavy summer rain. This poncho is amazing!
Quality product for those who prefer to stay dry in style!

Poncho convert!

I'm a new bike commuter, and now that the rains have come back to the San Francisco Bay Area where I live, I have finally gotten to use my yellow poncho. It's amazing! It's big, it's bold, and it sure keeps me dry! I get loads of compliments. It's mostly been sprinkling when I'm on the bike, but I did get to use it once while riding in a pretty consistent rain, and with the front hooked over the handlebars, I stayed quite dry, and felt very stylish! I get loads of compliments. I really like the poncho effect -- the way I feel so *covered*, very different from having a raincoat, and I love to wear it when not on the bike, too. I got one of the smaller ones, too, which is less voluminous, obviously, and, because I'm small myself, I thought it would be good for non-bike wear, but unfortunately I lost it on my first outing with it still in its pouch, so I can't comment. I do wish that there were some kind of inside tie that I could cinch around my waist as it billows way out behind me when it's windy (which it often is when it's raining), I still seem to keep dry coz there's so much fabric, but I feel kind of exposed. I may try to figure out how to do this myself. Also, it's much bigger than I wish it were when folded up, it's 10" x 8" in its convenient pouch, (sorry, American measurements!), and takes up more space than I really have to spare in my commuting panniers. But I do love it! Thanks, People's Poncho!