Achielle Sam 3 speed, matt black - IN STOCK

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The Sam bicycle is very special: stripped to the minimum, inspired by a 1930s track bicycle (Path Racer) but adjusted to cycling in the city. Very little maintenance will be needed on this Sam as it features a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub with drum brakes. These are operated by a shifter on the handlebar stem.
The handmade frames ensure a sporty riding position, and the Nitto bars with Brooks leather bar tape makes it an absolutely gorgeous machine


  • Color - Matte black
  • Headbadge (metal) - Metal Headbadge
  • Rims - Alloy
  • Handlebar - Nitto Track
  • Stem - Dropstem
  • Grips - Brooks Bartape Honey
  • Chain - Gold-color
  • Tires (37-622) - Schwalbe Delta Cruiser Brown
  • Saddle - Brooks B17 Honey 
  • Pedals - MKS Touring