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Legende Monza folding electric bike

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Smart eBikes
All the Legend 2018 models use the Ebikemotion® Technology and the SMART CONTROL Controller. With new MOSFET technology and high efficiency algorithms, our motor controller consumes between 15% and 20% less than our competitors, meaning you'll get more miles per charge


Bike Control
The bike has integrated pedal assistance that will power you along as you pedal. You can choose the level of power that the motor is giving you whilst you cycle - there are 4 levels of power to choose from and these can be selected at any time whilst you are riding. So, when you reach a hill or a strong headwind, you can select a higher power mode to give you more assistance. This control is via a panel, called a joystick, that is situated on the handlebars. This joystick gives you an on/off button, up and down buttons for power control, a battery level indictor and an indicator of which power mode you are in. It's very simple to use in this form. However, if you want something more hi-tech then this can also be accommodated with the App (see below).

App Control (eBikeMotion)
As described above the bike can be used with the joystick to give you all of the features you'll need for a great ride. However, if technology is your thing then you can connect the bike to you SmartPhone via an App. This gives you access to a host of information including a visual readout of the joystick information, your speed, incline and even a Sat Nav to help you find where you're going to. The 5-button joystick allows you to control assistance levels, walk mode, eBike lights (where fitted) and also the APP itself, with ZOOM functions on maps, movement through them, screen change, activation of voice status notifications, and more. The brochure can be downloaded via the Downloads section below.

Our best seller folding electric bike Legend MONZA reaches its fourth generation with a complete renovation. The careful design will provide you with better driving and more space for the rider. The wiring path has been optimized and extra protection against water has been added to isolate the compartment where the controller is located.

Folding electric bicycle
Ideal for storing in small spaces, in the room, in the office, in the elevator, in the public transport or in the car.

Built-in battery
The battery is integrated in the body of the bicycle and can be extracted easily and quickly. This form of integration improves the aesthetics of the bicycle and reduces the possibility of theft.

Adjustable handlebar
Choose the most comfortable position to pedal thanks to its telescopic handlebar that allows you to adjust its height.

The integrated lights are controlled from the handlebars and are attractive, reliable and provide extremely bright light.

Schwalbe puncture resistance tyres.

Hydraulic disc brakes as standard.

USB connection
Simple but useful, the USB connection will allow you to recharge your electronic devices when you need it most.

Warranty and technical service
All our Legend models come with a 2-year warranty (battery included)

Weight: 19.5 Kgs