PELAGO BRISTOL 1, 3 or 8 Speed

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  • Relaxed, smooth commuter

  • Upright riding position

  • Perfect for shorter distances

  • Coaster / rim brakes

Minimalistic in design, Bristol is a no-nonsense city bicycle, which purpose is to take one from A to B with no hustle. The style draws inspiration from early 1900’s aesthetics which stay relevant today and for years to come, paying respect and blending into the timeless architecture of our surrounding environment in many lively cities.

Made of reliable quality components, Bristol feels smooth and easy to ride. The rigid steel frame and comfortable puncture protected tyres soften road vibrations, cracks and cobblestones. Robust steel fenders protect you from splashes in wet conditions.

Nothing beats the comfort of a Brooks leather saddle. It breaks in like a pair of good leather shoes and adjusts to your anatomy.

Available in 1, 3 and 8 speed configurations with low maintenance hub gears. 1-speed for lightweight simplicity, 3-speed for overall versatility and 8-speed for hilly areas and transporting more weight, kids or cargo.

As every other Pelago bicycle, Bristol is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend the cargo capability of the vehicle.


  • Parisian bars provide a relaxed upright riding position.
  • Brooks leather saddle adjusts to your anatomy with time.
  • Puncture protected tyres and durable fenders.
  • FROM €675