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  • Simple yet practical commuter

  • Active riding position

  • Perfect for daily urban riding

  • Hydraulic disc brakes


    A single speed commuter with modern aesthetics, for those who appreciate practicality and simplicity. A swiss knife stripped down to the essentials and optimised for daily use in the urban environment.

    The bike comes with outback handlebars offering an active riding position. Combined with the single speed gearing and hydraulic disc brakes, the bike creates a very straightforward, nimble and fun experience, all year round.

    Full aluminium fenders are light, strong and protect you well from splashes.

    Compared to Hanko Commuter and Hanko Outback, the Street offers a more simple ride, leaving away the gears, extra cables, lights, and replacing the Brooks saddle with a canvas one.

    As every other Pelago bicycle, Hanko Street is equipped with mounting points for front and rear racks to extend the cargo capability of the vehicle.


    • Outback handlebars provide an active riding position.
    • Synthetic saddle is ready for challenging weather conditions.
    • Hydraulic disk brakes provide effortless braking in every situation.
    • Rear hub allows upgrading to a geared cassette.
    • Eccentric bottom bracket allows adjusting chain tension on single speed and hub gear set ups.