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Velo Cork handlebar tape

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Is your handlebar tape unravelling/starting to look tired or are you hands hurting from gripping poor tape? Well now's the time to upgrade to VeloChampion Cork Handlebar Tape to get your bike looking as good as new! 

Thin lightweight durable and stretchable Synthetic Cork handlebar tape. Provides high shock absorbency 
- Super grippy tape which is hard wearing and easy to clean 
- Complete with plastic end plugs and finishing tape 

Each roll measures 180cm (white) 210cm (black) - perfect to wrap any handlebar including oversized road bars. 

What's included? 
Each handlebar tape set includes the following: 
- 2 rolls of tape in your chosen colour (black 210cm or white 180cm each roll) 
- 2 plastic bar end plugs 
- 2 small pieces of finishing tape