1. Bike Lights

A powerful led bicycle light is vital to keep you and your bike out of difficulty. While you may plan to head out in the daytime, should you get lost or have a flat tyre, you could lose the light.

At which point, a strong light that won’t die on you becomes important. Recharging is often possible through a rapid USB port. This ensures, even if the power runs low, a power bank can recharge it.

2. Pump

If you get a puncture from a rock or a nail on the road, an air pump will be necessary to pump up the replacement inner tube.

A gas canister can also be brought - it performs the inner tube inflation in mere seconds. During use, it’s best to protect your hands from CO2 because it’ll be powerful. However, if you’re not comfortable using a gas canister, then stick to an air pump instead.

3. Spare Inner Tubes

Trying to find a hole in an inner tube is not something to do at the side of the road with the light failing.

Carry several spare inner tubes on the ride. Should you get a flat, then with the right tools, you can remove the inner tube, replace it, and re-inflate it. 

4. Tyre Levers

These handy tools create a gap between the rim and the tyre rubber. From there, a second one can move around the rim to free the tyre from its regular position.

Once the inner tube is replaced, it’ll be necessary to put the tyre back into the right spot. Don’t use the levers for this because they risk breaking the new inner tube, which would be disastrous.

Carry several of these levers. They can be made from plastic and occasionally snap.

5. Waterproof Attire

Weather predictions change and are notoriously unreliable. So, even if it says that the outlook will be clear skies all the way, don’t count on it.

Staying dry and retaining body heat is necessary to stick to your planned route. Owning some waterproof clothing can save your bacon when dark clouds are looming overhead. This includes the gear that allows you to push on through the rain to reach your next destination, rather than needing to get off the road or the bike path in a downpour.

7. Water

Lastly, bring water. It seems obvious, but many people forget about it, and dehydration is no joke.