**PLEASE NOTE. Due to limited capacity and high demand we primarily service bikes that we have sold. Please contact us for an appointment** 


Rothar provides expert bike care to any kind of bicycle. With over 15 years of experience working in and running professional workshops we believe we have the ability to repair, rebuild or customise any bicycle.
From the very common puncture to the most demanding rebuild, we can give you advice and a quick quote when you visit us. We have a quick turnaround and will do our best to remove the squeaks and make your bike run smoothly.



Small repairs:

  • Puncture -  €15 
  • Cable change - from €15
  • Pads change - from €15
  • Bottom bracket - from €45
  • Gear or brake adjustment - from €10
  • Wheel truing - from €15


Safety Check  - 25€ - if you have not ridden your bike in a while

  • Frame and component inspection for wear/damage
  • All bolts tightened/torqued
  • Tyre pressure set 


General service - 55€ - we recommend this twice a year. It includes the following:
  • Frame and component inspection for wear/damage
  • Drivetrain degreased and lubed
  • Seat tube regrease
  • Stem bolts, wheel bolts/nuts, pedals, chainset and crank bolts torqued
  • Mudguard, carrier and stand bolts checked
  • Tyre pressure set
  • Wheel truing and spoke tension check
  • Wheel bearing and headset adjustment
  • Brake and Gear tune up
  • Handlebar and wheel alignment 


Premium Service - 160€

  • Standard Bike Service  PLUS
  • Bike wash
  • Headset bearings removed re-greased and refitted
  • Bottom bracket bearings removed re-greased and refitted
  • Axle bearings removed re-greased and refitted


Other repairs
  • Custom wheel build: €60 + parts
  • Front suspension fork service (includes full re-assembly): €100 + oil, parts
  • Rear shock service (includes full re-assembly): €60 + oil, parts