The weather is bad, it is still dark, staying under the blankets sounds like Heaven. We know the feeling. But you need to get to work and here are 8 reasons why cycling is the best way to go. 


1. Cheap

No matter how good the petrol prices are, they have nothing on the price of fueling a bike, which is, quite literally, nothing. Even if you still use your car for things like grocery trips, you can reduce your expenses considerably by riding a bike. You may marvel at how much you end up saving.


2. Traffic reduction

If your commute is within the canals, driving a car is crazy talk. It will take you forever and you will add to the congestion (remember, you ARE traffic). It will also be much quicker by bike - the average travel speed in Dublin is 14k/h, 13k/h on a bike. Yes, the infrastructure is still to say the least, hesitant, but don't hesitate to sign up for classes if you are nervous and we promise you won't regret it. If you commute is a bit longer, you can get a folding bike and travel on the train or put it in your car. Do the rest of the trip on the bike, it will save you time and you will arrive fresh and lively (as opposed to sluggish and grumpy)


3. Better mood

On that note, cycling to work will make you happier. Exercise brings us increased endorphins and this is a great starting point. 


4. Get in shape

It is really difficult for most people to keep exercising while having long commutes, picking up the kids, and somewhat trying to have a social life. The good news is that you can integrate exercise in your daily life. Commute to work by bike, and if you reach 30 mn of cycling per day, you reach the recommended amount of exercise. That's 15mn. That's within reach.  


5. Safer for your lungs

Sitting in a car can expose you to all kinds of exhaust. Sitting at the rear of the car is very harmful to your kids. Yes, it does sound counter-intuitive, but cars are the most polluted environment. Fresh air should not be a luxury, but cycling is a much healthier choice even in our congested city.


6. Help the environment

We are in a middle of a climate emergency. If you don't absolutely need it (professional driver / disability / very long commute), your car should stay at home and you should choose a less harmful way to travel. 


7. Unwind

Even if you commute for a short distance, that me time between work and home can be very precious. If you have regular stressful days, by riding a bike, you can let go of this tension. 


8. Improved immune system

Cycling makes you healthier, which means that you’ll have fewer sick days. Your employer will appreciate this (more importantly, you will appreciate it). They’ll also appreciate your added energy and brainpower from biking to work.