Living in the North inner city, we do not use the car very much - mostly to ferry a relative, Andrea, who has a disability and cannot walk very far. We also use it to run the occasional errand not possible on a regular bike. A year ago though, we decided to try the Bike43, a Belgian longtail cargo bike.  Our decision wasn't just pragmatic - driving everywhere is not fun, and as Phibsborough residents, we know what congestion and too many cars do to an area. We had no idea how Andrea would react though. But as we look back on twelve months of pedalling through the city's streets and alleyways, we're thrilled to share how the Bike43 has seamlessly integrated into our lives, reshaping our routines and bring a lot of joy back into our lives. 


  1. Bringing Joy to Relationships: One of the most heartening outcomes of our Bike43 journey has been witnessing Andrea's infectious enthusiasm for the bike. Despite Dublin's terrible weather, especially this past winter, Andrea's spirits remain high on the bike, undeterred by rain or chill. We have invested in good rain gear and warm clothing - this is enough to keep everyone prepared to explore the city together.

  2. Saving Time, Embracing Convenience: Moving about in the Bike43 has changed entirely our sense of time: it is efficient, we do not have to spend massive amounts of time to find parking, we know exactly how long a journey is going to take. Gone are the days of circling endlessly in search of a vacant spot or fretting over unpredictable travel times. Because Andrea cannot walk very far also, it meant we are back into exploring the city instead of having to go to the suburb (where you can park easily in front of the building you're going to), meaning we have now access to loads more options for cafes, cinemas and other things. With our trusty cargo bike, we've unlocked a newfound sense of freedom, effortlessly navigating from point A to B with precision and ease.

  3. Reducing Car Dependency: What began as a solution to Andrea's mobility needs has blossomed into a broader lifestyle shift, significantly curbing our reliance on motorised transport. From grocery runs to hardware store visits, the Bike43 has become our go-to mode of transportation, relegating our van to a secondary role. We have now a system with a large bag at the front of the bag and at the rear also, enabling us to do the big shop - enough food for two people and a cat for a week. We also have put an extra bag in the frame for tools (in case of a puncture, which happened once in a year), and some rain jackets. We use the van so little now that we have to start it regularly to make sure the battery does not deplete.   

  4. Environmental Impact: The environmental benefits of our Bike43 usage are unmistakable. With each kilometre traversed (about 145g / km travelled for our vehicle) on two wheels instead of four, we're contributing to a cleaner, greener future for our city and beyond. We have clocked 1000km in a year, so we have saved about 1.5 tonne of CO2 - that is a very clear indication of how significant is the role that cargo bikes can play in mitigating climate change.  

  5. Security: Security is not an issue for us, as the bike can stay indoors - it is big but it fits into the hallway of an average Victorian building. For outdoors parking, while Dublin offers designated cargo bike stands in select locations (Stephen's Green or the Drury car park), we generally have to use regular stands and we use a trio of locks to secure both frame and wheels. 

  6. Expanding Horizons: Our Bike43 is now our primary mode of transportation. We have used it to ferry friends to Dublin Port or bring the cat to the vet.

Altogether, our year with the Bike43 has been nothing short of transformative. Beyond its practical benefits, it has brought us closer together as a family, fostering moments of joy, discovery, and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. It is a real game changer.