You've decided to purchase a bike and have a pretty good idea of what you want. But now you're faced with a dilemma: should you buy it online to snag some discounts, or visit a local bike shop? In this article, we explain why going to an independent bike shop is always the way to go.

Find the Perfect Bike and Buy with Confidence

Local bike shops are run by people who love cycling just as much as you do. They want to help you find the perfect bike, not just make a sale. Their goal is to get more people riding bikes, just like ours.

When you buy from a local dealer, you get the chance to ask questions and get personalised advice. Even if you've done a lot of research, there might be things you haven't thought about that a bike shop expert would know. These pros have tried many different bikes and can help you find the features that will be most useful to you.

Your local bike shop can also set you up with test rides for the bikes you're interested in. Riding a bike is the best way to see if it feels right for you.

Using the expertise at your local bike shop makes buying an e-bike easier and more confident. You’ll know you made the right choice and start your e-bike journey off right.

Reliable Service and Support

E-bikes are pretty complex, kind of like cars, and they need regular maintenance and sometimes repairs. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car online and fix it yourself, you shouldn’t do that with an e-bike.

Local bike shops have skilled mechanics who know how to fix and maintain e-bikes. Buying from them means you have a go-to person for any issues, ensuring your bike stays in top shape.

However, if you buy a bike online, local shops might not have the parts or training to repair it, leaving you in a tough spot.

Easy Maintenance Scheduling

Once you have your e-bike, keeping it in good shape is important. Regular maintenance makes your bike last longer and keeps you safe on the road. Some simple tasks can be done at home, but you’ll need professional tune-ups too.

Local bike shops can give you a maintenance schedule based on how you ride. Just mark your calendar and bring your bike in when it’s time. Regular check-ups can prevent big problems and might include software updates to make your bike even better.

Customising Your E-Bike

As you get used to your e-bike, you might want to add some upgrades or accessories. Your local bike shop can help you find the best gear to suit your needs. They’ve tested lots of products and helped many riders, so their advice is super valuable.

Smooth Warranty Claims

All the bikes and e-bikes we sell at Rothar come with a warranty. If something breaks, you want the process to be easy. Local bike shops handle the details of warranty claims, making it less of a headache for you. They’ll check if your issue is covered and work to fix it quickly, often using their connections with manufacturers.

Buying online could mean fighting to get your warranty recognised and struggling to install replacement parts yourself.

Supporting Local Businesses

Supporting your local bike shop is more important than ever. These shops are essential to the community, helping people get around and keeping the local economy strong. By buying locally, you help ensure these businesses stay around, ready to help whenever you need them.

In short, buying your e-bike from a local shop gives you access to expert advice, reliable service, and a smoother buying experience. Enjoy the benefits of shopping locally and get the most out of your e-bike.