We are very excited to announce that we have expanded our range in the longtail cargo bike market with 2 new brands:



Veloe is an Italian built bike that aim to be a part of the solution in general mobility. After years of research, they determined there wasn’t a multi-functional eBike for people that wanted to change their way of lifestyle in mobility and perhaps drive less with cars and see the endless possibilities of cycling. So, Veloe focussed on flexibility in daily living and professional use.

Their model is lightweight, with the impressive loading capacity of 200kg, and enough combinations to transport children, groceries, goods or anything you like easily and in a fun way. 



More information about Veloe bikes on their website



Yuba is the pioneer brand for longtails. They have been making them since 2007, and have since developed a full range of practical, good looking and fun bicycles.

With more than 8 models in the range, it is identifiable thanks to a very colorful, fun and family identity. Close to its community, it is a small structure around which gravitate many cyclists, in love with their bike. Thanks to a wide range of accessories, in constant evolution, Yuba bikes are adapted to all needs. The brand’s objective is to offer a smoother mobility to all users, without exception. You don’t have to have a family to ride a cargo bike! Yuba has the right bike for you.


More information about Yuba on their website