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Bike maintenance classes and professional bike mechanic training

Learn how to fix your own bike!

Classes take place on Mondays & Tuesdays between 6pm and 9pm in both shops. PLEASE CHECK which shop your class will be held in. 
Participants work on their own bike in the maintenance classes. Classes are limited to 4 participants.
Click HERE to check the dates and availability of classes and to book


Beginner Level Maintenance

The names and functions of parts on different types of bicycles.
What to clean & what to lubricate. 
How to fix a punctures - removal, repair and wheel alignment.
How to check your brakes, tyre pressure and bolt connections. 
How to make minor brake and gear adjustments tighten brakes and stop those squeaks /clicks. 
How to make comfort adjustments to suit you adjusting saddle and handlebar height. 

Duration: 3 hours | Cost: 50 Euro


Intermediate Level Maintenance

All of the above a quick reminder.

How to fix your brakes / replace cables and pads 
How to fix your gears / replace cables and set front and rear derailleurs - different gear shifters.

Duration: 3 hours | Cost: 60 Euro




Advanced Level Maintenance

All of the above a quick reminder.

How to replace chain / gear block using chain tool and split link, threaded / unthreaded blocks.
How to replace cranks and pedals

Duration: 3 hours  Cost: 60 Euro




Please contact us for further information on our classes