Get your bike tax free with the cycle to work scheme 


Simply put:

- Workers in the high bracket save 52%
- Workers in the lower bracket save 31%


How do you buy a bike on the scheme?

It's super easy!

  1. Email / have a chat with us about which bike would best suit your application and get sized up

  2. Once you decide on a bike we will give you an invoice for the bike and accessories

  3. Hand the invoice into your employer 

  4. Once we have received payment you can come and collect your new bike!

  5. Over the coming year your employer will deduct the cost from your gross wage over an agreed period of time



Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the cycle to work scheme for both employers and employees. 


Can anyone avail of the bike-to-work scheme? 

The bike to work scheme is aimed at employees under Irish tax system. You must be an employee (pay PRSI PAYE)or a director of a company in order to avail of the tax discount.


I’m a sole trader/company owner, can I use this scheme? 

Only employees who pay PAYE PRSI can use this scheme, but if you are a company director and pay yourself from a business account you can avail of the scheme. If you are self-employed, and using the bike as part of your business and pay VAT, you can reclaim the paid VAT on the bicycle yourself.


How much can I spend? 

The scheme covers up to €1250 for a new bike/accessories every 4 years, or up to €1500 for a new electric bike/accessories every 4 years, or up to €3000 for a cargo bike. If you want to spend more than what the scheme covers, you will pay the balance yourself.


What accessories can I get? 

Cycle helmets 

Bells and bulb horns

Lights, including dynamo packs

Mirrors and mudguards 

Cycle clips and dress guards

Panniers, luggage carriers and straps 

Locks and chains 

Pumps, puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits and tyre sealant 

Reflective clothing along with white front reflectors and spoke reflectors


Does my employer have to avail of the cycle to work scheme? 

No, it is the employers choice whether or not they avail of this scheme.


How much can I save? 

Check out to see how much you can save, or contact us on a particular product.