Simply said, a gravel bike is a combination of a road bike (happy on tarmac) and a cyclo-cross bike (happy on mud). ... Mellow single tracks, farm roads, gravel, crushed cobblestones, tarmac — whatever. It's a machine that's capable of performing on various surfaces while sustaining comfort.

More durable than a road bike and much faster than a mountain bike. Gravel bicycles present an interesting option for the riders who want to travel on and off road. 


The geometry is more relaxed than that of a race bike. The head tube is often taller and the head angle is slicker for more relaxed steering (less twitchy than a racing bike, less responsive on technical off-road sections than a ‘crosser’). Gravel bikes are also designed with longer wheelbases, so they’re stable on the road and when riding over an unpredictable surface like gravel, and provide extra stability and comfort over long distances.


Disc brakes

All gravel bikes feature disc brakes. Disc brakes, especially hydraulic discs, offer more power, which provides more confidence when riding off-road and are useful in mixed conditions. In the rain or in the mud you’ll appreciate the perfect efficiency.

Bigger tyres

Bigger tyres will give you not only extra comfort on the rough and bumpy roads, but due to their design they also raise the grip on the ground.



Gravel bikes are called the Swiss Army knife of bikes, i.e. bikes that are really versatile. Below is a list of the different things you can do with a gravel bike.

1) Off and on road cycling

Gravel bike offers next-level freedom, taking dirt roads and cobbles, forest roads, fields and trails in its stride. No need to avoid "cow roads"or fields, your gravel bike will bring you everywhere. Because of their relaxed geometry, you'll be able to ride for longer, and in fiercer conditions thanks to their disc brakes

2) Cycle touring

Gravel bikes are very tough, and give you the option of adding racks, mudguards, bigger tyres and transport panniers. Gravel bikes are designed to be able to tackle any sort of terrain you might encounter along the way and the comfortable riding position is definitely a big bonus on those mul

3) Commuting

 Gravel bikes are perfect for commuting. All gravel bikes use strong wheels, grippy tires, a good range of gears, and powerful disc brakes for sudden stops in rainy weather and heavy traffic conditions. They also have space for mudguards and a carrier, enabling you to carry your gear with you (from a laptop to gym gear). 

And if you really want something for all your commuting and adventures, we also have e-gravel bikes!



As you can see, gravel bikes are very versatile and you're hesitant, just come into the shop and test ride of of our models.