Bicycles are machines that need regular servicing. Your bike has a lot of little moving parts that work together. Over time, particularly if you’re putting on a lot of miles, those parts can get dirty, grimy, gritty, and start showing signs of wear.

And when that happens, the parts on your bike start to make noises, which can lead to a less smooth experience and potential breakdowns, not to mention an unsafe bicycle. Also, the more you wait, the more the service will cost, as parts will need to be replaced if not maintained properly. Now, how often does a bike needs to be serviced?

After purchasing

Please be aware that all bicycles go through a standard break-in period. Your gear might stretch leading to less efficient shifting for example. Due to this, we strongly advise you to arrange a brief tune-up approximately one month after your purchase. During this tune-up, we can make necessary adjustments to cables and other essential components. This first tune up is included in your purchasing price at Rothar, and you will get your bike back same day. No need to schedule, unless it is something you bought a while ago. 

E-Bike Maintenance Schedule

Regular tune-ups are essential for the proper upkeep of your e-bike. Always follow your dealer's maintenance recommendations. If you are unsure about when to schedule your bike for service, here are some general guidelines:

One month or 200 km after purchase

Wearing In Service Check: E-bike cables and brakes need some time to settle in. During this service check, the mechanic can fine-tune the brakes, adjust shifting, inspect for motor system software updates, and make any other necessary adjustments.

Every six months to 12 months 

Regular Interval Service Checks: Bring your e-bike in for professional maintenance at regular intervals. The mechanic will assess your e-bike's condition, perform a thorough tune-up, replace any worn components, review motor system software updates, and address any additional necessary adjustments.

Whenever the electric system display indicates a service (Shimano, Bosch screen)

When the service indicator appears on your display, it's time for a service check. Let us know if an error message appears on your screen, we will let you know what to do. 

Non-Electric Bike Maintenance Schedule

Your conventional bike also requires routine tune-ups. Below is our recommended frequency for tune-ups based on your riding habits and conditions:

High use: cycles daily, all weather conditions, all road conditions, more than 10km / day: every 3 to 4 months

Medium: cycles several times a week, mostly between 5 and 10km / day: every 6 months, more during the winter.

Low: cycles occasionally, mostly on flat surfaces, in dry weather: every year



Note for Cargo Bike Riders: Consider your habits when determining your maintenance schedule. If you frequently carry a passenger or heavy loads, you may need to schedule maintenance checks for your bike sooner than the standard intervals mentioned above.