The clue is in the name of this compact, modular and dependable ebike. The bike43 (bike for three) is a family bike with ‘best in class' reputation. We have tested it for you, and below are our conclusions.



Low Centre of Gravity

The low centre of gravity gives bike43 perfect balance and this combined with the larger front wheel and automatic gears, provides a relaxed cycling experience that cannot be rivalled.

Effective Weight Distribution

The rear wheel of the bike43 is smaller which facilitates strong power delivery and effective weight distribution making it easier to balance and you and your children feel safe.


You have the choice between a Shimano Steps and a Bosch cargo Line. We ordered the Shimano E6100 Cargo (60Nm) model for stock.

What we used the bike for

We used the bike for transporting an adult person with a disability and mobility issues, Andrea. Andrea cannot walk very far, and getting places such as cinemas, cafes or shops can be challenging. Andrea lives 6km from the city centre of Dublin. Because of all this, we have been driving a lot with Andrea, which is far from ideal: besides the environmental impact, parking is not easy to find, or is too far from the places we go to (despite having access to the disabled parking permit), and getting places takes a very long time because of the congestion. A lot of time is spent waiting, and a lot of it is frustrating. 

How we have used the bike

Like most people, our daily distances are not massive. Training centre, shop and home are all within 10km. Therefore an electric bike is perfect for the distances, and for this kind of daily use with kids or like in our case, with an adult person. 

What we have found great with Bike43:

A lot! of space. Andrea is not tall, but she has a huge amount of space at the back, meaning we can bring a lot of things with us. 

Very comfortable. The riding position on the Bike43 is very comfortable. Upright and enables you to have a good view of all things happening around

No effort. The bike can have a load of about 200kg, and the motor kicks in nicely when the terrain is a bit hilly or when the wind comes up. We have found it requires very little effort even when under load. The motor really comes alive and responds to the riders needs. The super torque sensitivity means no wobbles as you set off.

Loads of capacity. There is an option to purchase low bars for the rear of the bike, enabling you to carry pannier bags as well as kids. We have not found them necessary as we have fitted the front basket instead, which was enough for groceries. 

Size: This is not a small bike. At almost 2m long, it takes a bit of space on the cycle lane or in the hallway. But as far as cargo bikes go, it has a tremendous load capacity and does not take the same space as a front loader while also allowing bigger kids or adults to travel. Its width would be similar to the one of a regular bike. 



The Bike43 is a remarkable ebike.

It has literally freed up a lot of time in our schedule. No need to plan ahead when the traffic is calmer, no sitting in traffic, no need to look for a parking spot. It is also so much more fun that the car, it can carry the stuff you need on a daily basis and more, and the motor assistance means we were able to go anywhere with very little effort while still exercising and getting some fresh air. We can see the Bike43 as being the perfect vehicle for busy families who need transport to school but also space to carry equipment to the GAA training at weekends or the groceries on the way back home.