Introducing the Veloe Multi – a versatile and efficient solution for your transportation needs. Recently awarded as the best cargo bike in its category, Veloe has become a top choice for riders seeking reliability, functionality, and style. With powerful motors, ample cargo capacity, and user-friendly features, Veloe sets a new standard for urban mobility, making everyday journeys easier and more enjoyable. 


What we used Veloe for: 


We've had the chance to ride the Veloe Multi ourselves, and we're here to share our experience with you. This lightweight cargo bike boasts excellent handling and is equipped with a powerful motor. What makes it stand out is its simple yet effective design, making it a dependable choice for riders of all levels. We have used the Multi mostly for garden centre trips and vet trips, with soil and plants at the rear and the cat at the front. 

We tried the Shimano Steps motor with the 630 Wh battery - we did not have to charge the bike the whole week, and the motor was powerful enough to tackle the multiple hills between us in the city centre all the way to Blanchardstown and back. The Veloe Multi effortlessly carries up to 200 kg of cargo (inc. rider) and it does it very seamlessly. Whether you're commuting or running errands, this bike can handle transporting you, your kids, and all your essentials with ease.

One standout feature of the Multi is its compact and lightweight build, which makes maneuvering a breeze, akin to riding a standard bicycle. While it may not have the flashiest design, its reliability shines through in its smooth performance.

We are particularly impressed with the Multi's capability to tackle uphill terrain with ease, thanks to its powerful motor and lightweight construction. The internal gears ensure seamless gear changes and minimal maintenance hassle. 

On the road

At speed, the Multi remains stable and responsive. Designed with family transportation in mind, it comes with thoughtful extras like a seat cushion, footrests, and the optional child basket frame for kids.

With its spacious luggage rack, the Veloe Multi accommodates up to three children comfortably. While adjustments may be needed for riders of different heights, the overall design ensures a pleasant ride for everyone.

The Veloe is also hugely customisable: if you are Interested in exploring motor and battery options, there are various configurations to suit your preferences - just ask us what the best options are for your needs.

And don't forget, we also offer test rides - so you can make an informed decision . Whether you prioritise power, range, or any other factor, we're here to help you find the ideal fit for your cycling adventures.

Conclusion: the Veloe is a great choice for anyone who wants something powerful, lightweight, and very compact. It is especially good to transport small children and cycles like a regular bike. We steer people towards the Veloe when they do want 'too much cargo', i.e. something lght, easily manoeuvrable and fun.