The Bosch Smart System

A lot of our bikes have a Bosch system - it is the most known of all electric bike systems, and has a lot of features that can be very practical for your ebike.

The Bosch Smart System is Bosch’s latest eBike System and features a range of smart software improvements and performance upgrades.

The software enhancements consist of a seamless integration between your smartphone and your ebike. Central to this is the eBike Flow app, which functions as your e-bike’s digital key and lets you activate security features such as the eBike Lock, eBike Alarm and GPS tracker.

In terms of hardware, the Smart System also comes with a range of upgrades, including motors with more torque and support, larger battery capacity (545wh or 725wh), water bottle sized 2nd battery, new control units and displays, plus the ConnectModule for GPS tracking.


Hill Hold/Walk Assist

You may be familiar with Walk Assist, a feature in which the motor assists while you push your bike. For more convenience, the Smart System is now equipped with Hill Hold. 

When you’re using Walk Assist, Hill Hold automatically locks the wheels if the bike starts to move backward. This gives you a few seconds to regain control of your bike and prevent it rolling backwards.

Colour LED Remote

The Smart System comes with a new LED remote control that is mounted on the non-drive side of the handlebar. 

When you switch between the assist levels, the LED light on the remote will change colour to indicate which level you’re in (Green/eco, blue/Tour, purple/Auto-eMTB,red/Turbo).


eBike Flow App Connectivity

The Flow app connects your smartphone to your e-bike through the display. The Flow app has various handy and important functions.

  • Command centre for your e-bike: Monitor your battery level, range, and distance travelled. You can also keep track of your service appointments and activity history.
  • Over-the-air updates: New functions and features are installed automatically, saving you a visit to the bike shop.
  • Navigation and route planning (Kiox 300 only): You can plan and track your rides using available route profiles.
  • Riding mode customisation: You can tune the different assist levels to either conserve battery life or give yourself a boost by adjusting the maximum speed and cadence.

Security Features

There are two security features that you can enable through the eBike Flow app: the eBike Lock and eBike Alarm. The eBike Alarm is completely new and requires the Bosch ConnectModule which allows GPS tracking.

eBike Lock

After a one-off installation via the eBike Flow app, the smartphone acts as your digital key for activating your bike. Recognition takes place automatically via Bluetooth technology, so your smartphone can stay in your pocket. You also have the option of unlocking your eBike manually with your smartphone using a button on the home screen.

You can also set up the Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 as a key. When you remove the display from the mount, the eBike is additionally protected via eBike Lock. When you reinsert it, motor support is activated. 

Whether eBike Lock is active and motor support therefore deactivated is indicated by short tones, lights and symbols on the LED Remote, the display or smartphone. If your smartphone gets lost, simply log into the eBike Flow app with your account on another smartphone. eBike Lock in the smart system offers free, additional theft protection and more security for your eBike.

eBike Alarm

eBike Alarm is the alarm function for your eBike: Used in conjunction with eBike Lock, provides additional protection against theft. Once set up, eBike Alarm is automatically activated as soon as you switch off your eBike.

 In the event of attempted theft, eBike Alarm initially reacts with acoustic signals and illuminated LEDs. If your eBike is moved significantly, you will receive a message on your smartphone, the tracking function starts and you can track the position of your eBike in the eBike Flow app. In order to use eBike Alarm, you need a Flow+ subscription and a ConnectModule.

Flow+ subscription

Please be aware that you will be automatically subscribed to a 12-month free trial of Flow+ upon initial activation of the eBike Lock and Alarm. Flow+ is a subscription service for e-bikes that have the Bosch ConnectModule.

After the free trial, Flow+ will be automatically renewed and you will have the choice between a yearly or monthly subscription.